Angela Reyero

I am a Web designer

Angela Reyero

I'm a Graphic Designer, loving being Front and Back en Developer, and Amateur Photographer

  • Santander, Cantabria, Spain

My Professional Skills

Web Designer becomes web developer and lately Front-end Dedveloper. I love to travel and like to draw a good illustration, too.

Web Design 90%
Web App Development 70%
Adobe Programs Skills 95%
Traditional Photography 80%
Wordpress 60%

Awesome skills

Because I'm a Full Stack developer, you'll get the best looking website with the best features for your Website.

Constantly Learning

Always learning the latests technologies to make your design flawless, always responsive and up to the newest trends.

Fast support

Connected 24/7 to check all about any brilliant idea that can surge.

  • monedas chafadas

    Monedas chafadas is my ambitious project to create a database for all those elongated coins machines around the world, so the fan of this curious hobby has no longer visit at least 3 different sites to know where exactly are this type of machines.

    It had a map where, if you allow to turn on the GPS, lets you know the 10 closest machines around you, or you can check the complete catalog to check the coins each machine has, with a minimap with the exact location and, if needed, some tips to find it.

    it's a huge project, needs a huge server space and the database is quite simple, but painful to do alone. However, as soon as I find a good place to upload, you'll find the greatest web for this hobby.

  • geocoding web app is one of the websites I worked on while my internship on inven: as an enterprise, you can control where your different workers are and control the different cases you are receiving. 

    my little input in this whole project was to make the different clients, or the different workers, appear in a map of google maps, in the same glance. 

    For this app, you can look around in the demo they offer, and my input here
  • 3D Printer Configuration Form

    In my internship for two months on Inven doing web apps, I created a 3D printer configuration form, because in the enterprise they also sell 3D printers. And as far as I understood, sometimes is hard to get correctly configurated you recently bought 3D printer, so they decided to create an online form to modify a file with your printer specifications.

    Done with JavaScript, I learned BootStrap to make it responsive and completely functional. Sadly, I don't know where they decided to upload it, so there's no link for you to use it.

  • Ecocleen: revisiting an old design

     Time ago, following a book with simple exercises about design, I decided to try this one. The logo was only saying "ecocleen" in green and blue, but I decided to give it a twist. The initial design I created was keeping in mind to be the most ecological as possible, so the packaging was a special cardboard, with water-based inks, so there was no huge problem to trash it in the paper-recycling bin.

    I even made a mock-up to show how it should be 

    Time passed and new ideas of a simpler packaging for this project, but it may be way too simple. I redesigned everything and even changed the logo with a more friendly frog. 

    The idea is a vertical dispenser of detergent pods, or if you don't want to use it that way, you can always open it from above.

  • Santander Meteo

    Another fun to make web app which we even converted in Android app: Santander Meteo App, to check the weather in this city. we used more complicated JavaScript, JSON, Yahoo Weather info, Highcharts, and icons, and a public webcam in the middle of Santander. It's completely responsive, so in your mobile device looks even better.

    You can check our weather here

  • Bank Transactions

    Javascript!! I took a course where I could learn about CSS and Javascript decently. We learned about web apps and more coding languages, but this was my first working and I know why javascript program. You can play with it here.


    Santander, Cantabria, Spain







    Angela Reyero